Our Service Agreement

Our Service Agreement

GTA Virtual Tours ("GTA Tours"), is committed to providing high quality services & customer support in a timely & friendly manner. In order to ensure that we can continue doing so, we need to be confident that our clients understand and agree to our company’s service agreement. By placing an order with GTA Tours, you, the property owner or real estate agent, agree to the following terms and conditions.

Scheduling Appointments

GTA Tours makes appointments based on availability. Most of the time Tours can be scheduled for the following day. However we make no guarantee of next day availability. At all times we try to accommodate our clients at our next earliest availability. If you require a rush appointment or servicing on a weekend or holiday, there is a $20 CAD Rush Appointment Fee. Please inquire for more details.

If you need to schedule a special appointment before 8AM or after 6PM, such as for twilight photo shooting, we will charge additional $30 CAD Premium Service Fee. If a return trip appointment is requested, additional trips will have a $30 CAD On-Site Surcharge (up to 6 photos) per trip plus Traveling Fee, if applied.

Our Photographer will arrive at the property on time and the property should be ready for the photo shoot or other on-site service. If our photographer arrives at the property and does not have access to provide service (whether via lock-box or agent/owner) within a reasonable time (within 15 minutes) or if the property is not ready, our photographer may not provide service and you will need to reschedule a new appointment with GTA Tours. Such circumstances are considered a cancellation and a $30 CAD fee will be applied.

If you need to reschedule an appointment for on-site services, you must notify GTA Tours at least 12 hours before the pre-scheduled on-site service time. We will reschedule the appointment to proceed tat our next availability.


The photograph resolution for all packages will be maximum of 1800 x 1300 pixels and minimum of 900 x 600 pixels. The Panorama(s) will have a height of approximately 1000 pixels and a width maximum of 5,000 pixels. The photograph(s) and the Panorama(s) will be in the JPEG format (.JPG or.JPEG file extension). Photograph and panorama choices will be based on the discretion of our photographer if client does not specify the specific shoot locations before or during the appointment.

Accessing Your Photos & Virtual Tour

GTA Tours will combine all photos, panoramas, Virtual Tours and provided listing information to a professional web page which includes all necessary navigation. Web portfolio page will expire in 6 months from the first page release date. Client need to pay $20 Extending Fee for additional 3 months.

The web page will be under our domain and we are NOT responsible for transferring the data to different website.

A link will also be provided at the time of the Virtual Tour upload to download all photography for your personal use.


All the quoted service prices by GTA Tours shall be based on the real information of the property, such as the property size and location which shall be provided by Client accurately. If the information Client provides is incorrect and cause the price discrepancy, we will adjust the final price based on the correct information and Client must pay for the bill upon the updated price.

Additional work above and beyond our Virtual Tour Services may be performed by special request only at our charge of $60/ hr. GTA Tours may update our pricing at any time without notice. Up to date pricing is available here or by calling 647 608 3724.


Client can make payment during the on-site service by cash or cheque. After we finish the service, we will send the e-invoice to client's email. Clients can make online payments by email transfer.

All orders will be charged 13% HST.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation must be received no later than 12 hours prior to the scheduled on-site service appointment via phone/email; cancelling within 12 hours of a booked appointment is subject to Cancellation Fee of $30.

Client can NOT cancel the order if the on-site service has been done.

Turnaround Times

GTA Tours will almost always have your photography uploaded between 6 - 8pm the same day as your shoot and guarantees uploads by 9am, the following business day in cases where the upload has not been completed the previous evening. Weekends or holidays are not counted; turnaround times shall apply only to business days/hours.

If we agree to shoot a property on a weekend or holiday, we will commence the turnaround timing on the first business day that follows. Client understands that the turnaround times cannot be changed unless agreed upon by GTA Tours. If time permits and we agree to expedite the work in less than the original agreed upon time, a premium may be charged.

If a return trip is requested, such as for twilight photos, the turnaround time is reset upon completing the shoot on the return arrival to property.

Properties Outside the GTA

There is an additional fuel service charge of $25 CAD for appointments scheduled outside of but within the general area of the GTA. The Travel Fee compensates some of our time in traffic, wear-and-tear on vehicles, and fuel costs for the extended travel.


Client will assume all risk for damage and loss resulting from the preparation, assembly, use and operation of GTA Tours products and services. Client agree to release GTA Tours from all liability for any damage or loss resulting from Client use of the products and services. Client will indemnify GTA Tours against all claims and expenses, including legal fees, on a full indemnity basis, arising from injury to person or property resulting from the preparation, assembly, use and operation of the products and services.

Photo Copyrights and Usage

All works produced for the Client may be used by that Client for general marketing associated with the current sale of the photographed property in accordance with local MLS rules. Marketing in larger publication or as a special feature in print requires that photos are marked with the following copyright notice near the photos printed: “Copyright ©GTA Virtual Tours". Copyright in work (photos, videos, floor plans and other artistic and intellectual property) shall be owned entirely by GTA Tours.

A license is granted only to the Client and not to any third party. The license is only valid from the time full-payment for services has been made. Client agrees that any usage of the photos by a third party, including but not limited to architects, builders, stagers, designers, sellers, or buyers is prohibited unless approved in writing by GTA Tours.